XML… in the Cloud !

April 16, 2017

Over the past couple of years I have focused a lot on Cloud Data Services and less on XML as a specialty topic.  But sure enough, all of the great XML processing capabilities that you know from DB2 pureXML are also available in cloud database services such as dashDB and DB2 on Cloud.

DB2 on Cloud is a so-called hosted service, which means that clients can rent a DB2 server in a IBM cloud data center where IBM manages the hardware, storage, and networking while the customer has full control (and full responsibility) over the administration of the software stack, including OS and DB2. For example, applying fixpacks as well as overall database administration including backup/restore, database configuration, etc. is all in the hands of the customer. This gives you a lot of control and flexibility, but also requires a certain degree of effort and skill.

In contrast, dashDB is a fully managed service in the cloud. dashDB is also based on DB2 software but the entire software and database administration is done by an IBM operations team. This service includes software patches and upgrades, database backup/restore, setting database configuration parameters, defining table spaces and bufferpools, and so on. This takes a lot of the everyday database admin efforts off your shoulders so you can focus directly on your application use case: creating tables, loading data, running queries, setting permissions for your users, connecting applications, and so on.

Both dashDB and DB2 on Cloud provide key XML capabilities, such as:

Note that there are two flavors of dashDB, known as dashDB for Analytics and dashDB for Transactions. The latter is the more suitable choice for most XML processing applications.

The overall benefit of such a cloud services is faster time to value.  You don’t need to spend time on setting up a server and installing software, and you have no up-front investment. You pay for the service only for as a long as you use it, like a subscription.

The next time you need relational or XML database capabilities, consider dashDB and DB2 on Cloud as simple and convenient options! Both are available in an IBM data center near you!