DB2 Express-C Light – A reduced footprint XML database

July 30, 2010

A couple of months ago I wrote about the updated version 9.7.2 of the free DB2 Express, which includes all of DB2’s base features including DB2 pureXML. Now there is a DB2 Express-C Light version for Windows.

“Light” means that  the DB2 user interface is only in English (other languages cannot be chosen during install), and that the DB2 Control Center, DB2 Text Search, the Configuration Assistant, and the “First Steps” tutorial components are not included. This reduces the size of the download image by 44%!

The pureXML features are still included in the light version. If you do want a graphical user-interface you may want to get the free Version of Data Studio. Yes, that’s a separate download with its own footprint, but it contains many features -including XML features- that aren’t in the Control Center.

Once you get into the download dialog of the DB2 Express-C web page, you can choose either the full or the light version, as shown below:


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