DB2 for z/OS pureXML Hands-on Lab @ IDUG North America

April 18, 2010

If you are using DB2 on the z/OS platform and haven’t had a chance yet to explore its pureXML features, consider attending the DB2 for z/OS pureXML Hands-on Lab at this year’s DB2 Users Group conference (IDUG).

In this 2.5-hour lab you will create tables with XML columns, examine the underlying storage objects, define XML indexes, load XML documents, and use SQL/XML functions -such as XMLTABLE– to query and manipulate XML.

The IDUG 2010 North America conference is on May 10-14 in Tampa/Florida and offers more than 100 technical sessions from DB2 users, experts from third party vendors, DB2 Gold Consultants, and DB2 experts from IBM.

I can highly recommend this IDUG event. I have attended the IDUG conference many times and found it very valuable. There is so much useful information in the sessions, and the networking within the DB2 community is simply priceless (and fun!). The main focus areas are DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows and DB2 for z/OS as well as application development and tools for these systems.

If you want to read up on DB2 for z/OS pureXML, here are some good resources:


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