More on XML ETL

April 5, 2010

To follow up on my previous post about XML ETL, the second part of the paper on using the InfoSphere Design Studio for ETL with XML has been published:

Using IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Design Studio with pureXML data, Part 2: Create a control flow for multiple ETL jobs involving XML

The first part of this article explained how to define and run an individual ETL data flow that uses XML data as input to populate relational and/or XML columns in a data warehouse. This second part describes how to build a single control flow that calls multiple data flows. Each data flow can extract, transform, and load XML data. A control flow allows you to orchestrate multiple data flows that have to be executed in a specific order. You can develop and test the individual data flows independently and use them as building block to build larger ETL processes, by using a control flow.


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