Hi there… here is the new guy!

December 15, 2009

The statistics for this blog show that there is a quite significant number of readers (you!) and they might want to know more about the new author of this blog. For starters you’re welcome to check out my homepage. I’m in the DB2 development team that’s located at IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose. I have been working on DB2 pureXML since the very early stages of this new and exciting feature set, and I have a passion for XML and database technologies. After DB2 pureXML has been released in 2006, I have been working with a lot of our clients, helping them design, implement, deploy, and optimize their XML-based applications. As I continue to work in the XML space, this blog is a great place to share some of the observations and experiences.

Inevitably, the style of this blog will change a little. On occasions I will dive a little deeper into technical questions and maybe discuss some coding examples with XPath, XQuery, SQL/XML, Java or other languages. But, I will also share my general views on what’s happening in the world of XML and databases. And for those of you who also want to follow Conor’s view of the world, he is literally only one click away – at the db2news blog !

– Matthias


3 Responses to “Hi there… here is the new guy!”

  1. Daniel Krook Says:

    Hi Matthias, and welcome 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing your XQuery and SQL/XML code snippets with me from your presentation at IDUG India 2008. They’ve been a great resource, and I’m looking forward to seeing more tips from you on this blog.

    – Dan

  2. Nuno Job Says:

    Good luck with the project Matthias. Looking forward to your posts!

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