Electronic Forms Using Adobe PDF and IBM DB2 pureXML

November 2, 2009

Bryan Patterson has written an excellent step-by-step article about creating an electronic forms solution on Adobe Developer Connection. The article guides you through creating a simple yet powerful eForms solution based on Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES and IBM DB2 pureXML. The article includes links to download all software needed to automate:

  • The collection of user data using electronic forms
  • The transmission of user data using XML, and
  • The storage of user data using a database.

Because all parts of the solution use XML, there is no need for complex data mapping or conversion steps between components. The XML data format used in this example implementation is a very simple structure but you can easily expand the format to meet specific needs or even base the format on one of the many XML-based industry standards for data exchange such as NIEM for government, ACORD for insurance, or FIXML for financial markets. You can read more at Creating an XML electronic forms solution with an Adobe PDF form and IBM DB2 pureXML.


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