Electronic Health Records for Smarter Healthcare

August 24, 2009

Electronic Health Records are a hot topic at the moment. The US federal government has set aside $19 billion in an economic stimulus package to create an electronic health record for every American by 2014. The government is not only using incentives to encourage adoption; they are also using penalties. Between using the carrot and the stick, the US federal government is determined to bring this wave of technology into mass adoption in the healthcare industry.

Next week, I will join Robert Abate to deliver an ‘Espresso Webcast’ about the advantages of implementing standards-based infrastructure for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). We will also discuss the considerations you need to be aware of as you work with the infrastructure for electronic health systems. Espresso Webcasts are slightly shorter than typical Webcasts, lasting about 35 minutes or so.

The Webcast will be on Tuesday 01 September at 12pm ET. You can register at Electronic Health Records for Smarter Healthcare.


One Response to “Electronic Health Records for Smarter Healthcare”

  1. Conor:

    Webinar was excellent; my wife Pauline Degenfelder has requested slides. Will send separate email.

    Best regards, JRD

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