DB2 pureXML Cookbook – 45% Discount

August 13, 2009

In the past, I discussed the DB2 pureXML Cookbook. This book is very valuable for all DB2 pureXML users, from novice through expert.

If you are interested in buying this book, please be aware that International DB2 User Group (IDUG) members get a 45% discount on IBM Press books. IDUG membership is free. For information about how to get the discount, visit the following Web page: http://www.idug.org/public-spotlights/45-book-discount.html

Also, as a special promotion, IDUG have a competition where they are giving away 3 copies of this book as prizes. For information about entering to win a free copy of the book, visit the following Web page: http://www.idug.org/public-spotlights/free-db2-book.html


One Response to “DB2 pureXML Cookbook – 45% Discount”

  1. Brian Boberg Says:


    I think you read my mind. I was just checking on the availability of this book and then took a look at oyur blog. Thanks for the info on the discount.


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