Building an XML-Based Electronic Forms Solution

June 16, 2009

Many organizations are putting their forms “online”. If you are working on an electronic forms project, I’d like to let you know about a couple of useful resources that my colleague Bryan Patterson has been busy creating:

  • A step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to create an electronic forms-based solution. You don’t need to purchase any software to get this demo working in your environment. It uses the trial version of Lotus® Forms to create and manage the online forms; it uses the no-charge version of DB2® Express-C to receive and store the XML data; it uses the no-charge version of IBM Data Studio Developer to create a simple Web service; and it uses the no-charge WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. To see the tutorial, go to Build an intelligent eForms solution based on DB2 pureXML, Lotus Forms, and Web services.
  • A video that provides an overview for the above solution and walks through the step-by-step tutorial. To see the video, go to Create an electronic form solution with DB2 pureXML and Lotus Forms.

Make sure to check out the list of resources for both of these… they contain some useful links.


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