IBM IOD Conference Attendees get a Poken for Networking

May 28, 2009

Attendees of the upcoming Information on Demand conference in Berlin will get a Poken with their conference badge. Poken is a new tool that offers a smart way to network and share data.

When you insert the Poken into the USB port of a computer, you are connected to the Poken website where you fill in your personal data and create a profile, including links to your profiles on social networking sites like Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so on. This will then be stored on your Poken.

To network with someone at the conference, simply hold your Poken up to theirs and exchange IDs, creating an electronic handshake. The next time you connect your Poken to a computer and go to your profile page, you will see all the profiles of exchanged IDs together with their Social Networking sites. This enables you to easily stay in contact post-conference. No more dog-eared business cards surfacing weeks later!

Not only that, but you can also use your Poken to facilitate information download. For example, you can easily obtain session information and session presentations. This is my virgin Poken experience at a conference, so I am really curious to see how it works out…


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