DB2 pureXML Cookbook

April 10, 2009

I’m delighted to let you know about an upcoming book from two of IBM’s leading pureXML experts—Matthias Nicola and Pav Kumar-Chatterjee. In this book, they take the reader from simple introductions all the way through advanced scenarios. They do this with a hands-on approach that includes more than 700 practical examples. It includes samples for SQL/XML, XQuery, Java, .NET, COBOL, PL/1, C, PHP, and Perl. But best of all, the authors include best practices, tips & tricks, performance guidelines, and other gems that are not documented elsewhere. You can pre-order the DB2 pureXML Cookbook from Amazon.

DB2 pureXML Cookbook


4 Responses to “DB2 pureXML Cookbook”

  1. Brian Boberg Says:


    Thanks for the update. I’ll check it out when it is available.


  2. Brian Says:

    Do you know when this will be available?

  3. Hi Brian, the DB2 pureXML Cookbook should be available in July. The Amazon page says July 27, but that might be a conservative estimate. Might be a couple of weeks earlier. Anyway, I’ll post updated information on channeldb2.com and my homepage (http://www.matthiasnicola.de) when I know the exact date.

    – Matthias

  4. […] 13, 2009 In the past, I discussed the DB2 pureXML Cookbook. This book is very valuable for all DB2 pureXML users, from novice through […]

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