DB2 pureXML leads SOA World Magazine Reader’s Choice Award

February 5, 2009

It appears that DB2 pureXML is poised to win the 2008 SOA World Magazine Readers Choice Award for Best XML Database (http://soa.sys-con.com/general/rcvote.htm). Although the results are not yet official, DB2 pureXML has amassed a huge lead over its competitors in this survey.

The results of this survey don’t totally surprise me. When I examined the DB2 pureXML business last year, I noticed that a significant portion of our many hundreds of paying customers were deploying DB2 pureXML in SOA environments. And when you add this to the many thousands of users of our no-charge DB2 Express-C product, that makes a lot of DB2 pureXML users in SOA environments.

Of course, native XML storage makes a lot of sense for SOA environments. Persisting XML data in a native XML format eliminates costly data transformations that bog down many SOA environments. SOA environments that use native XML storage are easier to implement, maintain, and update.

Here is a screen capture of the SOA World Magazine Web page showing the unofficial results of the Reader’s Choice survey:

SOA World Magazine


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