XQuery: Introduction, Tips, and Future Directions

October 14, 2008

Andrew Eisenberg is co-chair of the W3C XML Query Working Group. Andrew and I are delivering a free Webcast about XQuery. We will discuss XQuery, provide some tips for working with XQuery, and also talk about the future direction of XQuery. Make sure to sign up for this Webcast today.


2 Responses to “XQuery: Introduction, Tips, and Future Directions”

  1. Brian Says:

    Is there any indication that DB2 VNext for z/OS will include XQuery?

  2. Hi Brian,

    XQuery is currently supported on DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows. XQuery is not currently supported on DB2 for z/OS (i.e. the mainframe).

    There are no official announcements from IBM regarding XQuery support in DB2 for z/OS. However, there is a recent post on the DB2 pureXML team blog where Gene Zhang on the z/OS team talks about XQuery versus SQL/XML with XPath (as supported in DB2 9 for z/OS) and says that…

    You will be able to use the XQuery features in our next major release.

    So it’s not an official proclamation. However, it is an indication that the IBM development team is currently working on this and hope to have it in the next major release.

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