1st October is Online Community Action Day

September 28, 2008

Adam Gartenberg is a colleague of mine at IBM. He is a big advocate of online communities, and wants to ensourage online communities to be as active as possible. After all, the more we participate in online communities, the greater the benefit for everyone.

As such, Adam is dubbing October 1st to be Online Community Action Day. The idea is that, on this day, you will make your best effort to contribute in some way to an online community… any online community. For example, you could:

  • If you agree or disagree with a blog post, add a comment.
  • If there is a blog post that made a difference in your job, leave a comment saying “thank you.”
  • If you have a handy tip worth sharing, add a post to a discussion forum.
  • Sign up for an online community like ChannelDB2.

By being active, you will help make online communities better!


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