DB2 pureXML at the IOD Conference

September 11, 2008

In my previous post, I mentioned the great sessions at the upcoming Information on Demand conference. I thought you might be interested in soem details. Here is a small selection of the session titles and abstracts, as they appear on the conference Web site, and in no particular order:

1712 Introduction to XML and DB2 pureXML for Dummies

    Is XML in your future? Come to this friendly and informative session and learn the basics of XML, and learn why you need to know about IBM DB2® pureXML™. DB2 pureXML makes your XML projects easier and improves your application performance. All attendees will receive a free “DB2 pureXML for Dummies” booklet.

1438 Learn how Verizon Streamlined their Order System

    Verizon Business delivers advanced IP, data, voice and wireless solutions in 75 countries. Processing and tracking of orders is critical. Until recently, Verizon had multiple order entry systems, with no common place to store order information. Learn how Verizon created a single change-resistant and cost-effective order management system for all orders, regardless of order entry. Also learn how they designed and implemented the system to allow new products and services to be added on the fly, thus improving business agility and reducing time to market for new offerings.

1659 Implementing an Effective Electronic Government Solution – NY State Tax

    Hear how NY State Department of Taxation and Finance implemented a streamlined process for electronic submission of taxes. Learn about the agency’s conversion to electronic forms for tax submission and the use of IBM DB2® pureXML to efficiently store and manage the electronic form data. Find out about the realized benefits from the first year of processing and hear about the lessons learned and what future enhancements are being considered. Finally, hear a discussion of how what was learned can be applied to other government agencies.

1660 Using XML for Effective Corss-agency Shared Services in Public Safety

    Learn how effective inter-agency sharing can be accomplished through XML. The session will introduce the value of IBM DB2® pureXML for leveraging shared information in public security. It will review how Shandong Public Security takes advantage of DB2 pureXML technology to help business users (policemen) access this data. It will also demonstrate how they combine the advantage of both DB2 pureXML and IBM Info 2.0 to help business users discover direct and indirect links in data, and deliver the valuable intelligence to policemen’s daily activities.

1661 Streamline Government Processing Through Electronic Forms and DB2 pureXML

    Forms are everywhere; learn how converting to electronic forms can improve citizen access, streamline processes and provide better record-keeping. Hear about the value of IBM DB2® pureXML for storing, managing and analyzing the data created by electronic forms tools such as IBM Lotus® Forms. See a demo of a simple eForms application implemented with Lotus Forms connected to DB2 pureXML and the resulting simplicity of the database and query infrastructure required.

1677 Improving Health Care in China with a DB2 pureXML EMR Solution

    This session will articulate the value of IBM DB2® pureXML in an electronic medical record (EMR) solution, and how it improves health care in China, with a population of 1.4 billion. The IBM specialist, joined by an EMR specialist, will share their experiences with both DB2 pureXML and the medical specialist Cache Database. They’ll compare the two technologies, explain why pureXML was chosen, and describe how they migrated their Cache-based solution to DB2 pureXML. The speakers will discuss the business value of their new EMR solution and its business implications for the emerging health-care markets.

1197 DB2 pureXML Production Experiences at UCLA

    Last year we worked with IBM Watson Lab to prototype the IBM DB2® V9 pureXML™ for our Patient Oriented Document System (PODS), the UCLA enterprise-wide patient record repository. In 2007 IOD we shared the prototyping approaches and the potential benefits of pureXML for managing the metadata. In this presentation we will share our production experiences using pureXML to manage metadata for the new PODS4 as well as the actual benefits realized for the upgrade from XML Extender to pureXML. To appreciate the significance of pureXML’s impact on the PODS repository, we will briefly show PODS as a critical component of the UCLA Document Management System in the overall extended service oriented architecture (xSOA) that’s in progress.

1622 Top 10 Best Practices for DB2 pureXML

    IBM DB2® software offers IBM pureXML™ support with efficient XML storage, XML indexing, and query languages SQL/XML and XQuery. These are powerful but novel concepts in DB2. Although many existing guidelines for managing data in DB2 are also valid for XML, additional considerations can help you ensure that XML data is managed easily and efficiently. Based on experience with DB2 pureXML customer projects, this session presents the top 10 best practices for flexible and high-performance XML management with DB2 pureXML.

1678 DB2 pureXML Customers – Trends and Successes

    Come hear a series of real customer success stories involving IBM DB2® pureXML™ technology. Industries represented include financial, health, retail, telecom and government. For each customer, we will discuss its problem, the business value of DB2 pureXML and the technical solution.

Don’t forget there are also meet-the-expert sessions, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and demo-til-you-drop sessions.


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