Meet Native XML Databases Users

September 4, 2008

Do you want to hear native XML database users speak about their experiences?  Do you want to ask them questions?  If so, there is an event that may interest you.

IBM’s Information on Demand conference is being held during the last week of October in Las Vegas.  This conference covers all aspects of information management, which of course is much broader than the management of XML data.

There are 29 sessions dedicated to native XML data management, including:

  • 8 sessions where DB2 pureXML customers or consultants talk about their experiences
  • 8 technical sessions, where you learn about the technical details of DB2 pureXML
  • 8 hands-on lab sessions, where you get to use the software to complete mini projects 

And you will be particularly interested in:

  • 2 Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, where DB2 pureXML users get together to talk about their experiences
  • Meet-the-Expert sessions, where you schedule 1×1 time with a DB2 pureXML expert to ask them whatever questions you want

And this is only the native XML data management part of the conference.  The conference has much more to offer, including great opportunities to learn about all aspects of information management, to network with fellow professionals, and of course to be entertained. 

One last thing… if you do go, keep an eye out for a free “DB2 pureXML for Dummies” booklet that will be handed out at the conference.  It will be handed out at the DB2 booth in the Expo floor and at my speaking session.


2 Responses to “Meet Native XML Databases Users”

  1. Isaac D Says:

    Hi Conor, I’ve been visiting your blog during my research into native xml databases. I’m curious to hear your opinions concerning the differences between Xml storage using pureXML and open source collection-based applications such as Xindice or eXist. eXist claims support for XQuery with Update facility, which makes it rather attractive to me. My experience with db2 has only been from the SQL side of things. pureXML looks promising because of IBM backing, especially considering that the XML:DB initiative seems to have very low (if any) activity since early 2003. So I want to ensure that my time is not spent working with abandoned technologies.

    I ask these things because I’m in the early stages of a pro-bono small project that will not only benefit a small non-profit, but offer the opportunity for me to learn new technologies.

    Atlanta, GA

  2. Hi Isaac,

    eXist and Xindice are admirable open source efforts.

    Elliotte Rusty Harold offers his opinion on eXist and other open source native XML databases in “The State of Native XML Databases” ( In summary, he thinks that eXist is the best of the available open source efforts, but it still has a ways to go.

    I hope you are aware that the Express-C version of DB2 is free and ideal for smaller projects (there is no limit to the amount of data, only to the number of processors). DB2 Express-C includes pureXML and supports XQuery with the Update facility.


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